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Sour PayPal Experience

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Absolutely Unbelievable.  Rewards for high volume customers, recognition of a valued customer with some note of appreciation?  When I began doing more volume using PayPal, instead of being congratulated as an asset to their company, I was put through their “investigation” system.  Their computer flagged my account because my two kid brothers, who were playing around and tried to open PayPal accounts two years ago, had not confirmed their bank accounts.  PayPal decided they were “linked” to my account, and that they should therefore freeze the thousands of dollars in funds that move through my account daily. 

So here I am on a buying trip in Europe, and I have no access to the bulk of the money I brought for the trip.  I have been on the phone demanding to speak to a manager at PayPal for four days, and they will not help.  I’m also trying to handle hundreds of emails from confused customers who can’t pay me.  I had no idea that customer service could be so non-existant.  Don’t large companies usually hire consultants to help design customer service departments? 

Is reputation not important to a company?  I plan on not only trying to pare down any activity I do using PayPal, but I plan on never keeping a balance in my PayPal account.  I’ll use my own merchant services whenever possible from now on, and as for the PayPal debit card… they may have enjoyed earning 1.5% from all of my purchases for the last year, but now American Express will get that pleasure.  Customer service has never been more highly appreciated or regarded than by me after this ultimately sour experience with what I once considered to be a great company.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:20 am

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