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Spending limit cause account limitations

I registered with paypal/ebay and conducted many online transactions starting with an agreed spending/receiving limit of £1.600. As I approached the receiving limit I was invited to have these receiving limits lifted and was then notified my limits had been raised to £3.500 so I continued selling my personal things. Shortly after, I was then informed that as I had now exceeded the initial £1.600 limit to supply even more personal information while my accounts were now limited or restricted. Thus I was now put in a position where I could no longer receive any transactions fees or even withdraw my money to transfer to my own bank account. I have a balance of some £1.300 stuck in my paypal account. I have also offered to pay my ebay fees of £194 from my paypal account which has been restricted since 14 December 2012. I have seen on internet sites that I will have to wait 180 days before I can have my money released. Is this true? Have ebay/paypal the legal authority to do this because I refuse to provide more personal information even though they have my bank account details? Any advice? What can I do? There must be thousands of ebay clients in this position?

Posted: May 20, 2013 at 6:25 pm

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