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Stealing My Money

By Selena And Edward


I’m not sure if you know of, its a payment company, that i was using through eBay.  I have been using it for three years, and then just this month.  I made two large transactions to paypal to make an internet purchase.  They froze my account, didnt pay the person that was selling the equipment, and wont return the money to my bank account.

They keep requesting I send in more and more documents.  They say they cannot prove that I am the owner of my account that i have been using for three years without incident!  I asked they simply then return the funds toi the bank account it came from.  But they wont do that either.  I have sent them bank statements, my marriage liscence, my drivers liscence, bills showing my name and address.  Everything you can think of, yet everytime I send saomething, they say i isnt good enough!  I dont know what could be more proof that i am who i say I am than sending my valid NJ drivers Liscence.   They are simply trying to steal my money.  And i cant afford to walk away from this transaction.  its nearly $3,000!!! 

If you can help me, PLEASE do so!!  I dont know what to do!  I have copies of all the documents that i have sent them.  I printed out all there terms of service!  They have NEVER made me go through this before for a transaction.  They are just doing it because of the size, they even told me as much!  I just need that money back.  please help me.

Selena and Edward

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:57 am

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One thought on “Stealing My Money
  1. Leslye on

    I’m going through exactly this same thing but it’s only for $46.16! Are they so big and unethical that they are stealing anything now? I don’t want to give this distrustful company any more of my financial information. This is crazy!