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This is the story of how fast paypal and ebay can ruin your life

I ran 3 ebay accounts 1999-2010. Self employed for 10 years, employed 3 people, operated office and warehouse. Largest shipping operation in my rural county according to USPS. Had over 10,500 PFB on primary account and nearly 18,000 on other accounts.
I worked with two Paypal accounts.
The DSR system shut me down, false chargebacks got one of my paypal accounts limited, then both.
I had over $9,000.00 held for 180 days.
A total and complete nightmare of epic proportions. I spent most of my savings shipping parcels to buyers and paying my employees’s. I had to shut down my business.
Had my utilities cut off at my house, almost lost my house and would have if I didn’t get a job right away. By 2011 my wife had lost her job due to downsizing. The stress of her job loss, my loss of a $150K business ended in divorce in 2011. We had been married 30 years. I am a disabled career Marine. My retirement and disability got me by after my savings where almost gone. I finally got my money back from Paypal but it was to late at that point. I have worked in construction for the last three years. I am 50 years old, partially deaf and have a number of functional but painful injuries sustained in combat in Somalia and again in Iraq.
Ebay and Paypal gave me the ten best years of my life then they ruined my life.
The post office I used has since closed down due to low volume. A total of six other people directly employed of dependent upon my business where put out of work. Two additional supporting business’s where adversely effected. One laid off a worked and the other ( 2 man operation) closed shop.
I attribute all of this misfortune to a pair of crooks operating in Taiwan and to Paypal. I loathe them with the heat of a thousand suns and rejoice with every lawsuit filed against them. I am not mad, I am way beyond mad. I was an honest businessman and I still am. I work for a living but have made it my purpose and my hobby to thwart ebay and paypal at every turn in every way.
I spend most of my free time in pursuit of this goal.

Posted: February 11, 2014 at 6:58 pm

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One thought on “This is the story of how fast paypal and ebay can ruin your life
  1. louise on

    Hi, I can relate to your story, I myself have been ruined by eBay. I sold for 7 years, this was my livelihood and I income.
    I had 4 defective transactions (I cancelled transactions with buyers who didn’t want to pay and go through with sale) out of 1000 sold items that year and eBay permanently banned my account.
    They also limited all my housemates and families accounts.
    eBay is a scam, it ruins people’s lives. I’ve noticed other sellers from china with tons of bad feedback why have they not been banned like me? I had 2 bad feedback out of 950 that year.
    I was making a good income and now it is all over, I’ve fallen into a depression and truly feel suicidal because this was my distraction and how I kept busy after the passing of my mother. Now I am idle as well as financially suffering and I feel at my lowest.