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I was stupid enough to give PayPal a second chance

A client ordered 4 spiritual services totaling $165. When his credit card company did charge back PayPal removed the funds from my account. They said it will take at least 30 days to settle. I’ve sent them proof of him acknowledging payments via e-mails over the course of our correspondence. The client “claims” he didn’t do this. Whether he did or not PayPal will not release the funds. This is my only source of income and, while I’d had trouble (even worse) like this with PayPal before (and eBay), I thought I’d give them one more try. I will NOT do that again!

Posted: March 12, 2014 at 8:03 pm

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One thought on “I was stupid enough to give PayPal a second chance
  1. Mudasar Hanif on

    I run business on eBay . Top rated seller with no complaints. One day paypal called and said your account is in negative balance and you have to pay but they did not tell details of that account. Few days later my business account was limited and linked to some fraudulent account. They say it’s your account and you owe us 1766 pounds. I gave all my ids , business docs to prove my true existence. They reviewed and reviewed for weeks and placed permanent limitation . They froze 4200 in business account. All my eBay payments are on hold and I am losing 1000 per day of sales. Then debt recovery called me several times a day and ask to pay 1766 . I paid with thought it may solve problem and paypal may restore my business account. But no success. Just today I received reply from their executive team that I actually owe then £6200. Now situation is getting worse every day. I don’t know why they are blaming me. If somebody did fraud with paypal with my details, paypal must have system in place to check. I always log in from permanent IP address. ID theft is crime and paypal is blaming victim rather than culprits . My advice never ever use paypal or at least sign petition to bring “preypal “under uk banking laws.
    Imagine if a UK bank blames you for being victim of ID theft , you can do a lot more against high street bank. Preypal – ebay have monopoly and they can easily harm small business without giving any reason in name of security.