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All of a sudden my log in information was not working

its hillarious, i logged into my paypal, everything worked well, just after a little while my friend from UK told me he sent me money, I got an email , there was a button Reedeem your money now, so i clicked on it, opened a new window, asking my mail address and password, it sucks, the same password with help of which i just logged into pay pal, simply did not work, i started with i forgot my password, there i put my email address and the hell i see they say, such email does not exist in our database…….dont know what to do, friend told me right now he got an email in the morning from paypal that the money is successfully transferred to me……what the hell is this ? can anyone help me, i used all basic things, deleted cookies, did everything……but it sucks…….i need this money so how do i get it???

Posted: August 16, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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4 thoughts on “All of a sudden my log in information was not working
  1. Brendon on

    Seems like your going to have to call PayPal and find out what the issue is. Although this is not going to be easy because getting through to them is like pulling teeth. Be prepared for long wait times and disconnections

  2. Brynolf on

    Be very careful, that email may be a spoof/phishing email where someone is trying to get your account information. You should never use links provided in emails, always go to paypals website to log in to your account. If infact the payment has been sent to you this information will be available to you after you log in to your paypal account through the paypal website. If it’s not someone is trying to scam you by sending a fake email with a fake button.

  3. Johnnie on

    I am experiencing the exact same situation with PayPal…There is seemingly no way to resolve it because you can’t speak to anyone directly.

  4. Johnnie on

    I was able to contact PayPal at this number 888-221-1161 and was assisted right away. The lady was very courteous and was able to help me get into my account.