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How can I sue PayPal?

I did all by the book and sent an item to the address as per buyer’s request. PayPal approved my transaction and authorized for the item to be shipped. The scam was the actual CC transaction and once the item was shipped the buyer stated that they never authorized the transaction. PayPal is getting me on technicality stating that the item was shipped to the different address which actually was requested by the buyer from the same account and through e-bay. I am trying to get my money back and of course PayPal is not helping. I am protected from the initial part of the scam which was the CC transaction. Anything after is foot from the poisonous tree. Can I and how can I sue them? Do they have insurance? Looks like the little guy losses at the end. This was a $1000 transaction.

Posted: January 15, 2013 at 5:37 pm

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2 thoughts on “How can I sue PayPal?
  1. Rafael on

    Luckily I never had problems with PayPal before. But these such stories make me a bit scared. Hope this won’t happen again… Mostly you hear sellers trick the buyer, here the buyer scams the seller… interesting.

  2. Bryan on

    If you shipped to an alternate address other than the PayPal Verified address on file then that pretty much sealed the deal.

    They don’t take action in this type of case because there is always the possibility the buyers account was hacked. Since all your financial information is linked to PayPal you can technically go on a shopping spree on their name. Once the account owner learns of this they normally file charge-back claims with their C.C or banking institution.

    Unless you have solid proof that the recipient who received the package at the alternate address is in fact the account owner, you could file suit against them. But this is difficult to accomplish especially if you are multiple states or countries distance from each other.

    If you are certain of your information you can notify them thru the massaging system that you are proceeding with legal action. Contact the sheriff dept in the recipient area. File small claims suit in your area for damages + costs & fees. You can file for up to $10,000 in small claims.
    These are the first steps, consult a local attorney for more information on this.