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Suspended after 10 years of using PayPal

I sold one flashed PS3 after 100k+ in legit transactions spread out over over 10 years and was suspended for life. The system I sold while not a criminal offense went against a mod policy of things they don’t allow to be sold. I spent dozens of hours trying to explain in an honest way what had occurred but they would not be reasonable (lift the suspension).
I appealed and called to appeal the denial of my appeal. I even called back a year later after I had used a ghost account set up in a friends name with 75k in legit transactions for an online business I created. After explaining that I was would like to see about getting my account back and that I had been operating another account to show good standing, eBay removed all my active listings, banned me for life on that account and most likely my name, ip address, etc, as well as PayPal limited my friends account which I am currently awaiting seeing if they will list it since they have no direct proof that he did not in fact make every transaction since he lives in the same location as me as shares my ip address.

Posted: November 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm

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