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Suspended and money held

I only been a seller on ebay for about a year had 539 feedback, out of 539 had 8 negative, my sellers rating went down, wasn’t acceptable to ebay, one minute to the next they deleted all my listings, sending me an email that my sellers account is suspended indefinitely. when I called they said “we don’t need sellers like you” I followed all the rules and regulation, I was one of the fastest shipper. No reason given about my suspension.
Paypal puts his hand on my money freezes it for 21 days at the time, over $400 sitting there only see my money little by little, waiting if the buyer will file a claim against me or not, mean time they making money with my and other money. How many sellers account is frozen at one time? 100′s?1000′s? how much is frozen from each seller? How much they can make only one day with our money, let alone 21 days?

Posted: November 27, 2013 at 3:13 pm

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