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Suspended for selling Cell phones

My ebay account was recently suspended for absolutely no reason and I am guessing my paypal account is next. My 3 listings that I had on eBay were delteted, and ebay promtly told me I needed to provide “invoices and receipts from my supplier.” Basically what it boils down to is that I am considered a theif until proven innocent. I purchase cell phones from friends, family, craigslist, and a cell phone store in the mall. I don’t have invoices or receipts for all of the phones for some I do but not all. I fix them, unlock them, or do whatever is most profitable for me to make a little profit. I am VERY careful not to buy stolen phones, and I always ask a lot of questions. I guess being honest these days just gets you screwed. Now i cannot sell in the cell phone category on ebay anymore becasue they said unless I can provide invoices of my supplier my account will be “indefintely” blocked from the cell phone category. Insanity….sometimes it sucks being an honest person.

Posted: June 28, 2012 at 3:55 pm

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2 thoughts on “Suspended for selling Cell phones
  1. Jean on

    With ebay and paypal being the judge, jury and prosecutor there is no way you can win against them and their stupid decisions. I used to sell things, I picked up at estate and garage sales on eBay and then I got the same request you got; we need to see invoices and receipts from your supplier. So I tried explaining to them how I come across the items I sell telling them there is no “supplier” that I can reference so they shut me down just like that. No chance of appeal. I had not had any disputes of chargebacks. My feedback was good. Non of that mattered to them.

  2. Sandra Hummings on

    When I use to have an account with them, they did the same thing to me too. I was about two years ago, selling old discs. EBay was sending me emails and phone calls about where do I get my discs and if I have proof. I was honest just like you and told them that half of these discs were gifts, my family gave me. Others were brought from friends and flea markets. What is the big deal? Well they didn’t want to hear it. They told me that it will be close until I show them actually receipts or invoices. I told them I don’t have it. Less than a week they closed my account. I was upset, but decided to create my own website and open a new merchant account. So you are right, it doesn’t pay to be honest with this corrupted company. I am glad at the end for I have a much better peace of mine for my business.