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The PayPal Nightmare

By Rosella

 I started to sign up for paypal, over a year ago. I never completed the form. When I got to the page for banking info, I closed it without filling it in. Three weeks ago,paypal made two deposits to my bank account, amounting to $.67 the following day, they hit my account for $1550. My paypal account still reads, bank unverified. How did they do this? I never put the name of my bank or any account numbers. I live on S.S. so there was no money there for them to get. Every Tuesday, they hit my account for $1550., I now owe almost $90. in over draft fees. The deposit and withdrawals are all made with the same name.Julia Kornienko. This is a nightmare, and when will it stop!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:52 am

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One thought on “The PayPal Nightmare
  1. bill lee on

    I have never been a “seller of goods/services” on ebay or other sites that allw the use of PayPal but I have been using PayPal as a buyer for quite some time with no financial problems at all and I welcome businesses that offer PayPal as an option. Therefore I am confused by all the negative comments but notice that most, if not all, are complaints of sellers, not buyers. If this distinction is accurate, would your site clarify this, please? I can understand that some sellers would end up with issues in this crazy environment of wealth-seekers but if PayPal works well for buyers it is an improvement over disclosing ones credit card numbers to shady people, right?