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They Closed My Case

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I should have known better, but you live and learn. I had just started eBaying.  A 0 feedback user was selling an Xbox with about 40 games.  The auction stated to contact him for a buy it now offer.  I wrote him requesting details.  He refered me to a professional looking website.  During the process I discovered that he was trying to sell the Xbox with preinstalled games. I asked him how a reputable business can sell pirated software.  I told him I wasn’t interested. Later he wrote me stating that he would throw in the game disks. I proceeded to purchase the Xbox and games outside of eBay. About 3 weeks passed and still no package.  I expected the shipment to take a little longer because he was painting/customizing the Xbox. Finally I disputed the claim with PayPal after having noticed that he was Banned from eBay (probably for trying to sell outside of eBay). The seller wrote back and stated that he was still modifying the box.  He asked me to cancel the claim.  I read that I should not cancel the claim b/c it cannot be reopened.  Since I did not cancel the claim the selller sent the package immediately. The doorbell rang. I should have gone to get the package but I sent my hubby. The package was WAY too small for 40 games.

We opened the box, there was an unfinished Xbox and 2 games. B/c we signed for the package, PayPal closed my case.  I later contacted my credit card company b/c it wasn’t what I ordered. I was told to ship it back to the seller.  I did and the seller REFUSED the package!  The dispute continued for SIX MONTHS between my credit card company and paypal until one day I get an email telling me I have 4 days to mail the item to paypal.  Now how was I going to get it to them in 4 days? I’d basically have to overnight it!  Anyhow, I did get the item to PayPal. The dispute was closed shorty there-after.  I’ve noticed that the scammers website is still up and running. He has actually made changes to it….After 6+ months, I FINALLY have my money back. I made a very stupid descision to buy outside of eBay and from a person with 0 feedback.  Live and Learn.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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