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They Limited My Account

By Melanie

I have found out am I not alone . I am a single mother of 2 disabled children who sells computers and wireless hardware via PayPal. It started a week ago when a lady purchased 3 computers from me but her address was not confirmed. I e-mailed her and she got her address verified.It never would appear as confirmed in my account, so via a pay pal drones instructions, I refunded her and re-billed her. She paid me but they charged her checking account not her credit card so she asked me to refund her cash. I did, and on the third attempt everything was OK. I called paypal to let them know what had just transpired, so there would not be a problem. Next thing I know my account is limited and I have faxed 14 documents proving everything to them that they already know. I have had the same bank account and address for 10 years. I have sent them
1.Drivers License
2.Proof of venders
3.proof of purchase
4.Tax reports
5.paycheck stub
6.banking info
7.Proof of all shipments
8.1099 form
9.copy of venders name and phone numbers.

I have spent 9hrs on the phone talked to numerious un helpful people. I have faxed 14 documents. Received 7 requests for more info. And I am filling a small claim action in the morning.

The Ceo’s are unloading PayPal stock.Jacoby & Myers have a huge class action against them. A California judge has said that the service agreement we agree to is not legally binding.

If anyone has any success stories against Pay Pals unregulated monopoly I would love to here it.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:22 pm

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