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They Should Be Banned

By Ryan

You don’t have to worry about this. I have a friend who owns a website who has over 500 American Company listed as “sucks.” He, as well, has been sued twice but the final court decision was that trademark law only applies when the user is doing business as the name of the company. This site is for public discussion (like my friend’s) and is a completely legal exercise of free speech. On the other hand, the name, paypalsucks literally means “paypal is not good.”

Again, this settles the issue of name usage, which means that this site IS NOT using paypal’s trademark for its gain. Since there is no business, or verbal relationship between PAYPAL and this site or, so even if they sue you, they will end up losing just like the 2 companies which sued my friend. Please forward this to your friend at None of you guys has anything to worry about. This is free world, companies like paypal should be banned.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm

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One thought on “They Should Be Banned
  1. Killer3010 on

    Freedom of speech and the ability to express your opinion is a God-given right to everyone in our country. I’m glad that this site will continue to flourish. People have a right to know the risk of using paypal. I for one had an account for 4 months before they singled me out and limited my account, if it wasn’t for sites like this I wouldn’t know about processing alternatives.