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They Want Card Number

By Auriel

I recently signed on to paypal, and now I recieve an email, telling me they want my bank card no. for security purposes. Does this sound legal? I don’t want to give that out to them, but they say if I don’t , they will freeze my acct til I do.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:08 am

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One thought on “They Want Card Number
  1. Apple Marie Goldberg on

    They will never ask you for secured information like banking, credit, or social via email. It is against way too many privacy regulations. You may want to contact them; I could be wrong, I don’t know too much about paypal other than my own experiences. I do know that I have used them for about 8 months and I recently signed up for the paypal card to have my money transferred quicker and it turned out to be a big fat disaster. I’m currently researching other providers.