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They Want My ATM Pin

By William Clarke

Today I received an e-mail from paypal. I have paid for a program through – I think.

The message not only asked for e-mail address, password, credit card no. and expiry date but they also want my ATM pin number (which I don’t have). That sounds crooked to me. You have to be very foolish to give a PIN number to anyone. How do they use all this information? Is it a new kind of scam?

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:31 am

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One thought on “They Want My ATM Pin
  1. Jennifer on

    Hi, I received the same email today. I updated all info EXCEPT the ATM pin part. It took the update and i was able to continue logging in and using my paypal account. I think it’s extremely crooked of them to ask for this! I will no longer keep funds in this account. I don’t know why they want that info but there’s no way in H*** they’ll get it from me. Hopefully no one is that naive to give anyone especially a website their PIN. My own bank doesn’t ask for it so why should Paypal. I’m a little leary of keeping this account now.