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Thieves Stole My Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hello!! Good Evening !! I applied for a Visa Credit Card from Providian Bank, received it & everything was good. I applied it to my paypal acct, but I had never used it and only my MSN monthly charge was on the statement, but there were 10 charges on the state-
ment that wasn’t mine in the amt. of $379.04. I called the bank & gave up my hobby on e-bay (selling) as this has happened to me about 5 times & I cannot take this no longer. I am sorry to know that you cannot have fun & a little extra money without thieves trying to kill the honest people. The bank notified me that they discarded the card & would issue me another, but I am afraid that someone will attack our monies & I won’t be able to have it corrected.

So, if I buy anything on e-bay-I will have a Visa to pay for it. Maybe that is not wise to pay for something. I have talked & typed enough, just thought I would let you in on my serious problems. The bank seemed to think I would get all my monies back. I quit-possibly some day, maybe I wouldn’t get them back. THANKS FOR LISTENING!! THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT–I HAD NO TROUBLE WITH PAY- PAL.  I will keep my acct open for awhile & see if I buy on e-bay.


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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