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Thieving Scum

2 weeks ago I transferred £156 from my paypal account to my bank account and thinking it was safe left it there.
When I checked my balance a week later I found that paypal had some how taken the money back out again but nothing was showing on the paypal account.
After several phone calls and emails I finally got an email from paypal saying that the £156 had been credited to my bank account several times in error and that the extra amounts would be debited and I had nothing to worry about.
Despite the fact that I can prove the money was only credited once paypal have refused to refund my money.
If I call them they claim the money was never taken from my bank account and if I email they refuse to answer. What do I do now?
paypal have stolen the only spare money I had for Christmas and I can’t see any sign of ever getting it back.
So much for an easy and safe way to transfer funds!!
Do yourselves a favor and NEVER use paypal for anything. Eventually they WILL steal from you.

Posted: December 26, 2012 at 5:03 pm

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One thought on “Thieving Scum
  1. alice on

    Paypal stole $258 from me. I issued a refund to a customer that I was unable to ship to. Customer received refund but then paypal took the same amount, $258 from my account again. I contacted the buyer asking if they had received a double refund which they had not (showed me their pp statement with only one refund being received. Paypal is saying that they never took the money a second time but it IS missing from my account so where is it???