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This is a Nightmare

By Rosella

I started to sign up for PayPal, over a year ago. However, I never completed the form.

When I got to the page for banking info, I closed it without filling it in. Three weeks ago, PayPal made two deposits to my bank account, amounting to $.67 cents.

The following day, they hit my account for $1550.

My PayPal account still reads, bank unverified. How did they do this?

I never put the name of my bank or any account numbers.

I live on S.S. so there was no money there for them to get.

Every Tuesday, they try to hit my account for $1550.

I now owe almost $90.00 in over-draft fees.

The deposit and withdrawals are all made with the same name “Julia Kornienko”.

This is a nightmare, and when will it stop!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:20 am

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One thought on “This is a Nightmare
  1. Mark Carry on

    The only way they will stop taking money from your debit card is by closing that account as soon as possible. This happend to me and it was a living nightmare. I tried getting a hold of paypal lots of times and no answer and sent lots of emails. I hate them, that is so wrong!