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This is All Crap

By Louise

I sold lots of items on Ebay and recieved the money into my paypal account. However, one day i get a message from paypal saying that my account has been frozen i have yet to unerstand why after contacting paypal several times i cannot get any direct answer. The only answer i got was that there has been more tham one reports about supious behaviour on my account. i contacted everyone i had sold items to throught paypal and everyone was happy with the items they had bought and left me positive feedback on ebay. So why on earth has my paypal account been frozen with ?120.00 in it which i cannot touch. I have sent lots of messages to paypal all hte messages i have recieved back and indirect to my case and just say sorry for the inconvience and to supply paypal with more personal information. i am very uncomfortable with faxing sensitive documents from credit card bills to passports to utiliy bills to a company with a bad rep. they then said once they looked at these documents they would take 30 days to resolve the issue. This is all Crap. They have really bad customer service.

I dont know WHY my account has been frozen(surely if any of my customers were not happy they would have contacted me first and given me negative feedback on ebay)

I cant get my money back and I dont know when this will ever be possible. Paypal is suppose to be an ebay company. I think paypal should be closed down and all ebay customers warning of what could happen to your honest money.

I am lucky that I didnt have more money kept by paypal, some people have lost thousands.

The consequences of your account being frozen are dire. Becasue paypal is heavily linked with ebay as they are the same company it is very hard to sell things on ebay as a consequence.

Also when you try to write a message to paypal it times out very quickly if you want to write a lengthy message therefore you lose the message and have to start all over again make sure you copy your message and then paste it in

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:35 am

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One thought on “This is All Crap
  1. Kim on

    As a buyer Paypal is crap.
    Wont be buying through them anymore.
    Bought a pirated copy of Microsoft office for $36.00. Reported to Paypal, WA Police, Aust Fed Police and ACCC.
    I am out $136 and paypal find in favour of seller in China. Product codes not valid as had been blocked