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This Is An Outrage

By Chris Ledoux

I recently bought a website or websites package,I have spent countless hours on the net advertising and promoting my websites. I have no experience with the internet and making money other that using western union. I “had” heard so many things about paypal and what a good company they are(were). so i signed up for a premiere account. I have been in business for 5 days total on the web, In the last 3 days my efforts are finally paying off. I had make right under a $100. Needless to say i was exstatic, overly joyed. I checked my paypal account yesterday, to find out that my account was frozen due to a violation of the acceptable user agreement or whatever it was called. This restriction was put on my account because of some of the websites that my package deal included, casinos, adult sites, photo voting sites, etc… there were almost a 100 sites in all included in my package.

So i contacted paypal numerous times in the last couple of days to no evail, appealing the decision etc…all the necessary steps they said to follow for a resolved and speedy outcome. Needless to say, They informed me today, this afternoon, that my account is closed permanately for violating “their” acceptable use whatever and that after 180 days min. I should receive a check minus transaction fees and so on, and if my check is lost that they are not to be held responsible.   This is an outrage, I only did this for extra money to help support my family, how can they get awy with this time after time?

Chris Ledoux

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:42 am

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