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Those Robbing Bastards

By Cliff Marsden

I’ve just been charged nearly #9 for transferring a buyers credit card payment to my account…robbing bastards!  I’ll not use them again..from now on it will be cheques ONLY! Sent a strongly worded e-mail to theit centre in India(!), although I’m not expecting any satisfaction…

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:17 am

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One thought on “Those Robbing Bastards
  1. Richard on

    Just joined eBay a month ago. Have traded over £475 worth of goods on this shit site. They have taken £75 in sold goods, £16 in transfer fees onto my PayPal accpunt. so that means they have robbed me of a total of £91. £193.00 is on hold because the goods have to be received by the customer who bought it first! If I buy online and pay for it by card, then its taken straight away and only refunded if I send the goods back! Holding that money is making them interest on top! That’s my fucking money!!!!! my step father transfers £10.00 to my PayPal account and the robbing bastards charge £0.56p and that is on hold because its a new account to! WHY!!!! FUCKING ROBBING BASTARDS. EBAY FUCK YOU AND DIE!