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Those Scamming Bastards

By Stephen

 Not too long ago i had a really slow pc, so i desided to ask for donations via PayPal from some of my msn contacts. 1 french guy was helpful and donated 3 seperate funds, $122, $250 and a whopping $380. After paypal cleared the money i withdrew it and after it was cleared by the bank i bought a brand new LapTop computer.

After a fer days i checked my paypal for more donations and was shocked to see in excess of -$750. It said that a Temp Hold was placed on the funds pending an investigation by PayPal staff.

I cotacted the donated and asked why the money was going to be possibly retured to him. He said “I dont know, i didnt ask for it back”. I contacted Paypal staff telling them this.

A few days later i was contacted and told the cash was reversed. Sickened by this i contacted the donator and asked why he asked for the cash back. He said “I didnt ask for it back man”.

I contacted paypal and told them if the debt isnt cleared im sueing them, i also informed them that i have screenshots proving the site said COMPLETED near the money transfer. Meaning i was right to withraw.

Paypal are scamming bastards and i WILL SUE their australian office for this attrosity.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:05 am

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