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Tired of having PayPal treating me like an idiot.

I recently won a dispute that had been escalated and the appeal both opened by buyer for item not as described…now somehow a second appeal has been one by buyer(i didnt know this was possible) i have been told i must refund item as in one of my responses i told the buyer i would offer a partial refund to help pay for repair(item was sold faulty and problem was listed)
Now paypal claims that i said repairs would cost $70 as part of my listing this was never the case they got it from a reply on my dispute above where i offered $70 to go towards repairs that were listed on the item i sold(trying to keep everyone happy). you cant reason with these idiots they keep shutting down my responses and telling me where to go…the first rep hung up on me, how is that professional.
I will be closing my account im not going to be treated like an idiot for doing the right thing. i have 100% feedback never a bad transaction with well over 500 and i get treated like the scammer. 3 time loser – i get bad feedback, i lose paypal fees and now i will get my item back damaged if it even is the same item.

Posted: November 11, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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