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PayPal Gave My Money to a Thief

By Gretchin

I see that most of the complaints are from sellers, let me give you the flip side.  I purchased a 3 carat diamond ring on Ebay and paid via Paypal (bankcard).  I waited for 2 weeks and finally contacted Ebay and Paypal regarding the ring.  When the seller was threatened with reversal charges, he sent the ring and a very nasty email to me.  Was I surprised when I opened my $1475 “diamond” ring!  I’ve seen better fakes at a carnival.  I contacted Paypal and was told that they would remove the moey from the seller’s account as soon as I sent them the appraisal, notarized statement from my neighbor (who was there when I opened it) and filled out their form.  2 hours later I called back and was informed that they do not operate this way and the person who guaranteed a refund was incorrect.

They then proceeded to tell me that I was on my own and to file with the police and the IFCCFBI who have both done absolutely nothing.  If anyone knows how to definitely get my cash back and/or prosecute the seller, I would appreciate them posting it.

Why can you file a claim for “item significantly different” if they do not do anything about it?  And….you sellers can see that they can take your money, who’s to say the buyer’s getting it?  I certainly didn’t.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:10 am

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