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Told to not mail items buyers had all ready received

PayPal ripped me off for several thousand dollars 12,000. I gave the customers the items and all of them received the items. I mailed receipts to the customers along with tracking to PayPal. I get an email from Payscum saying my account has been frozen for several reasons that I am left to figure out. They told me not to mail any more customers the items that they paid for but all of the customers already received the items they paid for. So Payscum took my money and gave it to customers who already received the merchandise and are trying to bill me for over 400.00 right now for two purchases that I did give tracking numbers for and confirmed delivery. So what they are trying to do is make me pay the ones with tracking and then they will come back and say well you didnt share the tracking on the other items so now you have to pay that back as well. So they are scum liars. They will say anything to get your money and will not ever follow through with any promise. It just keeps getting worse and worse for them. I dont care I will never ever pay them because i do not owe it as I followed the directions they gave me and then they want to use the policy against the seller. They are scum and deserve everything bad that happens to them. I wish everyone would drop them like a hot lava rock. I can make up the most erroneous story and they will refund me as a customer every time but not as a seller. I hope the die on the vine they are sucking off of. Nothing but a bunch of idiots and foreigners work there. People who dont understand freedom dealing with my money pisses me off. foreigners have no clue how my country operates and PayPal is not a government and their BS rules and policies do not apply to me. I am not your damn property you criminal scum. I have a Bill of Rights and you have seen the first one on the list.

Posted: January 17, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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