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I Was A Top Seller on eBay

By Ron

Well, to start with, PayPal needs to be shut down and made to pay everyone back that they have ripped off.

I was a top seller on ebay, selling close to 1/2 million dollars in 2 years time.

Well then PayPal got involved.

When I first signed up, no problems. Then, I had a employee send the item a customer bought to the wrong place…our fault.

Now it gets good.

The customer was going to do a chargeback, but said if we got the items to him with in 7 days, no problem.

These were $2000 dollar-a-piece machines, so I contacted a supplier in Florida and purchased brand new machines for this customer. Well, you’d think that this fixed everything right?

I heard nothing back from this customer for 4 months.

All of a sudden, my PayPal Account was frozen. I HAD $6,000.00 DOLLARS IN IT!


When I called PayPal, I was told that the customer charged back the entire purchase 4 months later! I called the customer and he said he decided he no longer wanted the machines.

I was outraged when I learned that I would be made to pick up the machines myself 700 miles away in New Jersey or they would be discarded.

A week later, this happened again with a different customer. I am out a total of $17,000 dollars along with my merchandise and my eBay business is ruined. I have to declare bankruptcy next week.

Thanks for Nothing, PayPal.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:05 am

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One thought on “I Was A Top Seller on eBay
  1. a.s. on

    Two things, well 3:
    1) i’m sorry about your bankruptcy- having been screwed by a con artist and racking up debt I can understand the pain this is causing you
    2) this payapal taking back money is what scared me away from going back to ebay/paypal after years being away – it seemed too convenient for them
    3) this chargeback issue is why we don’t take credit cards at all anymore- my husband’s business is in NJ and too many people here are taught how to get something for free and/or screw their fellow human – my husband told me a story about how his cousin would scam pizza for free and laugh about it so it doesn’t surprise me what you went through. don’t accept credit cards if possible..the credit card company automatically takes the money back and charges you a fee for investigating- you end up jumping through hoops in under 10 days to prove you were scammed and they you still might not win…and yes chargebacks can occur months later- we had one 8 months later..i have several words and actions I would like to go over with that particular “customer”