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I Was A Top Seller on eBay

By Ron

Well, to start with, PayPal needs to be shut down and made to pay everyone back that they have ripped off.

I was a top seller on ebay, selling close to 1/2 million dollars in 2 years time.

Well then PayPal got involved.

When I first signed up, no problems. Then, I had a employee send the item a customer bought to the wrong place…our fault.

Now it gets good.

The customer was going to do a chargeback, but said if we got the items to him with in 7 days, no problem.

These were $2000 dollar-a-piece machines, so I contacted a supplier in Florida and purchased brand new machines for this customer. Well, you’d think that this fixed everything right?

I heard nothing back from this customer for 4 months.

All of a sudden, my PayPal Account was frozen. I HAD $6,000.00 DOLLARS IN IT!


When I called PayPal, I was told that the customer charged back the entire purchase 4 months later! I called the customer and he said he decided he no longer wanted the machines.

I was outraged when I learned that I would be made to pick up the machines myself 700 miles away in New Jersey or they would be discarded.

A week later, this happened again with a different customer. I am out a total of $17,000 dollars along with my merchandise and my eBay business is ruined. I have to declare bankruptcy next week.

Thanks for Nothing, PayPal.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:05 am

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