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Topping On The Cake

By Alex

Well i sold an item on ebay a mouth ago now the guy says he has not recived the item first off he asked me to send it to an address that was not confirmed nor on his account it was state in the payment sent note section.second off while i think he’s mad i didn’t send it there he wirte to paypal told them that i did not send him an item and that he wants his money back so paypal took the liberty of taking the money not from the funds that were in their account, but funds from my bank account putting me in the negatives
because of that my bank also charged me 25 dollars.

putting me further down the hole while thats seems bad i have not gotten to the best part they not only did not notefiy me of anything like this then 5 days later the send me an email telling me i have 10 days to respond to the matter or they will give the money to the buyer just to spice it up more i only had 5 days from the email because it took themthat long after the request to notifiy me.

And the real topping on the cake wile this they have locked me out of my account and in order to respond i have to login. so i’m out over 300 bucks plus the 25 the bank charged me and the 400 i had just recived in purchase orders so i guess the grand total so far is 725 untill my bank adds a second charge of 25 for not putting in the money to make it a positive. aswell as any checks that many bounce or anything like that.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:28 am

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