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Total Incompetence at Paypal

To whom it may concern at Pay-Pal: I dare you to send this to the founders of your company!!!!! (Cause you are spine-less, cowards)

I have spent twelve years of my life and all my money dedicated to teaching and helping people get out of debt and I have developed an online e-course to help people understand how their credit works, five years ago you guys drilled me saying I was one of those scamming credit repair companies and you closed my account and refunded the payments people had made to me. Two months later I got an email saying you had reviewed my company and determined I wasn’t a scam and I wasn’t in violation of your user agreements. I was so upset I kept the original emails, One year ago one of your representatives contacted me and apologized for the mistakes that were made and asked me if I would do business with you. I got approval from pay-pal via email late 2012 to market my online e-course pertaining to how credit works. (I double dog-f-ing dare you to ask me for a copy of the email you spineless cowards)

Last week I was stupid (fing…stupid) enough to think I could trust PayPal and I decided to use your processing service to distribute my online e-course on credit to the masses. I knew I would get hit with a suspension, which I did…On September 20th, I complied with your requests to provide information that showed I was not in violation with your user agreements and I immediately complied with your request and on Monday (Sep. 23) I received an email (at 6am) saying that after a review of my information my account had been re-instated. (I f-ing double dog dare you to ask me for a copy of that Bull-Shi email) If any of your incompetent employees could read an f-ing email they would see that I had been cleared! (Bull-Shi) Low and Behold I had access to my account but my Pay-Pal Pro was still disabled. So I sat on f…ing hold for a f-ing hour only to be told you haven’t agreed to the user agreement…..(Bull-Shi) Another incompetent dip-shi wasting his life for 8.90 an hour…..So I waited….Wednesday I talk with a guy who looks at my website and sees that we are offering an on-line CLASS explaining how credit works and he tells me I will be clear in 15 minutes and he will send me an email. (I get F-ing NADA) I get another email saying go to the legal notices and then respond by saying “I agree” and my program will be enabled in 24 hours. (Bull-Shi) Thursday 24 Hours later Nothing!

I send a reply to the email I received and some dip-sht named Cory responds and says I cannot make sense of the emails your need to call in. So I sit on hold another f-ing hour only to be told that it will be fixed in 2 hours and to try it then…………Guess what F-me no F-U, you f-ing lose.

I don’t want your B-ll S-t service. Go F yourself! There was a day when you were the underdog and you have forgotten to dance with the ones that brung you. I will spend the rest of my f-ing life telling people how F-ing Sh-tty you and your company are. How you have employees who are cowards and will lie and do anything they can to get you off the phone. The great thing is you have copies of all their f-ing lies……f’ers

All you had to do was go to my website and sign up for the first 3 free lesson but you guys are to F-ing smart to do it. If I can show one f-ing person (Just F-ing One) why they shouldn’t do business with you I will go the extra mile to do it (Ery M-ther F-ing D_y). You have F-d me, my team and my customers. I don’t care if I have to pay a thousand dollars a month to bring my product to market you c-ck su-k-ng sons of bitches won’t f-ing stop me!

hey employees, manages and founders of Pay-Pal GO F#*K YOURSElVES!

Posted: September 27, 2013 at 6:09 pm

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