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Totally Disgusted With PayPal

By Laura

I am 71 years old and with the help of my son try to make a little extra on eBay to supplument my social security.  Last year I sold a big order of IBM laptop parts through eBay (well over $100 — a big sale for my little account) and shipped it all via UPS to Florida.  Two weeks later (approx) without warning Paypal removed the money ($150 including shipping) from my Paypal account causing all kinds of problems for me in payments and bids I was committed to on eBay with the explanation (after I complained) that the money had been received fraudulently from a stolen credit card (at the other
end in Florida).  I had shipped the IBM parts to a confirmed address, had done everything by the rules, sent all the information then to Paypal (including shipping information, emails from the “buyer,” etc) and was told they would get back to me in two weeks with their investigation information. I have never heard back from them — NEVER!

Did the police get the money, did Paypal just keep it, did the person who had the credit card stolen get it, did the credit card company get reimbursed, do I EVER get reimbursed, did they catch the thief, where’s my Thinkpad stuff, WHAT?  Isn’t this some kind of Federal crime that Paypal has committed IF they did not give the money back?

I emailed Paypal several times and asked (after a month or so) what was going on and heard nothing.  To say the least I was and am totally disgusted and am now completely out of the eBay “garage sale” business and this was one of the main reasons.  Thanks, but no thanks Paypal.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:13 am

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