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Treat Victims Like Villians

By Craig Smith

sold a sager laptop on ebay and was paid through paypal the account that was used was supposly confirmed as was the paymetn and shipping address  ,we shipped it using  UPS. We recieved a check from paypal less then the total shipping cost.Then they email us saying it was possible fraudlant faunds..gee thanks after 7 days and the check is cashed. And then they back charged us on our credit card without our knowledge or our permission. They also hid the charge from us by putting it in another transaction.

Paypal never lifted a finger to stop this activity they allowed 4 more laptops shipped to this fraudlant person on the same day and 2 more later on. I found this out by help from a local detective. Paypal has been treating us like the villian since day one of this rather then the victim….they will pay me sooner or later….mostly sooner then later…

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:21 am

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