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Triple charged and no help from Paypal

This is the last email that I sent to Paypal, lets see if I ever hear back from them, doubt it.

I had contacted your company by phone 5 times and this beginning to be a issue I normally keep my cool about this, but I am tired of contacting you guys over this issue and getting no where! I have called about a double charge of $29.95 to my bank account I tried to cancel a payment online, by mobile app, and by phone but for some reason it wouldn’t work. I talked to a lady she said it would be fixed in 24 hrs. well 24 hrs. went by no luck. I call the next day talked to another lady (Rose) who she the lady before never put in a claim for it so it never happen. She told me she talk to the back office and got this issue fixed and my account not only would get credit back the $29.95 that she said and I quote “they are allowing a one time overdraft payment” because my bank account is overdraft and the she promised it would get fixed! My bank account is still negative and for some damn reason your company keeps trying to take money out cause I keep getting overdraft fees!

05/29/2013 Daily Ledger Balance -$80.99 -$80.99
RETURN NSF ITEM CHARGE FOR 1 ITEMS Select One -$29.00 -$80.99
05/23/2013 Daily Ledger Balance -$51.99 -$51.99
RETURN NSF ITEM CHARGE FOR 1 ITEMS Select One -$29.00 -$51.99
05/20/2013 Daily Ledger Balance -$22.99 -$22.99
RETURN NSF ITEM CHARGE FOR 1 ITEMS Select One -$29.00 -$22.99

I called again day before yesterday talked to a lady for transfer me to a specialist named (Tyler) he said he was getting the $29.95 transfer back into my Paypal which I saw did actually go through this time and told me he was also going to get my overdraft fees fix as well and I should be getting back what is now -$80.99 and he said he was going to have someone call me yesterday (05/29/2013) to confirm everything went through I let him know I got off of work at 12:00 PM and he said someone will call…Well no one called and this crap is still going on! Im sick of talking to associate after associate about this same issue for about 3 weeks now! I want to speak to manager, higher up, or someone who is actually going to do something! Im off work all day today so I expect a call cause if I have to call I will file as many complaints as humanly possible till I get heard. I refuse to pay for some issue that your Company seems to have a hard time fixing! I will be sending this email to the BBB if I have to call your company again this week!

Posted: June 3, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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