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Got in trouble for old account

I Had an PayPal account that I shared with my friend via registering his email so he can accept payment too but he use it to do something was against PayPal rules so the limited my account forever. Then I open a new account and they ask all my real information passport id bank papers even ask my photo id so I did that and got new account my real name and everything’s. 2 years later I got some problem with transferring money so I called the center and while we are talking I slipped and said I have an old account been limited so the woman said how you do it its illegal for you to get another one I said you allowed me for 2 years with all my papers provided she said the system will cut it sooner.
I told her you will report that she said I won’t but very next day my account been limited again and they hold my 400$ inside for 180 days .. I tried to call and explain for 2 weeks till someone call me back and said no way we open it again . I explain that it’s easy for you to see even the first account that the action happened not throw my IP address and it’s not same city even .she was saying it’s your account we can’t help . And that’s it now they are focusing on me and following me whenever I open new account; I had to wait 6 month to get money back.

Posted: February 6, 2013 at 7:49 pm

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