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I don’t trust eBay nor Paypal from now on.

I sold an item on eBay. I sent the item with tracking number and provided that number to the buyer via ebay. I also scanned the shipping information paper I got from post office and emailed it to the buyer. Tracking service clearly shows that the buyer was unavailable at the delivery attempts which occured 2 times. It is also declaired that the buyer refused the shipment, that is why it was not delivered. In the listing, I stated that I don’t accept returns. I sent the item and gave the necessary tracking information. The buyer now claims full refund and the full amount of payment is reduced from my paypal account since he opened a “not received” case like I did not send him at all. I offered the buyer that I can resend the item if he pays return fee (from the buyer to me, which I paid to the post office) and a second shipment fee. Since he does not agree with that and he did not attempt to deliver the item after the unsuccesful delivery attempts to his home address, it is clear that he changed his mind and tries to back off from the auction. This is not possible after all I strove such as the listing, the packaging, taking off from work to go to the post office (twice), writing these, and all the time I spent for “nothing”. This is not fair. As I read in eBay rules, the only exceptions to refund to a “No Returns” listing are when the item is damaged, not as listed or not sent at all. Since the item is as I listed and I sent it on time with tracking information, the buyer is misusing the eBay Buyer Protection. He must accept resend solution. It is the only fair solution since I cannot be punished for his irresponsible behaviour.
Now the case is closed in the favor of buyer. I am expected to pay full refund (shipping cost and item price=$418). I understand that if the buyer does not receive the item, he should be refunded. But our case is different and Paypal does not consider it in details. Tracking service clearly shows that, the buyer refused the item. Paypal should’ve contacted to Deutsche Post about this issue. The item was delivered to the buyer 2 times, however he refused the item. Then the item came back to me. I paid $49 for the first shipping, and I paid $27 for custom fee while receiving the item. Also I received $408, because Paypal got commission. Please note that how carefully(!) was the decision made by Paypal, they don’t even forget to take their commission even if they cancel the transaction. Not to mention other details such as taking off from work to go to post office (twice) and frustration. However, Paypal expects me to pay this fees and makes my balance drop by $418. This makes no sense, and I have no intention to pay money to this irrational case. I don’t trust eBay nor Paypal from now on.

Posted: October 4, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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