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Don’t trust PayPal with your personal information!

I have never really trusted Paypal, but continued to use them for years since I like buying and selling on ebay. I had a couple issues with fraudulent disputes after I sold something and paypal went back into my bank account to recover the funds. I took my bank account off, and a couple years ago added a paypal credit card that i added to my account for the only purpose to become verified and keep using paypal. Just last week, I noticed I was no longer verified and my credit card info was gone. I called paypal, and they had no record of me ever having a card. He was trying to get me to verify my info, SSN, phone number, ect. I was hesitant, but complied. When he still couldn’t see any info, he wanted me to verify my address. I gave him a fake address, and he said that was the correct one. That’s when the call ended. I’ve never trusted them and never will.

Posted: August 2, 2012 at 3:41 pm

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5 thoughts on “Don’t trust PayPal with your personal information!
  1. Carin on

    I wouldn’t trust Papyal with my worst enemy. Paypal stole $540 from my bank account and gave it to a buyer who had received the item but claimed they didn’t. I have the freaking signature that they received the item. Another time Paypal charged my credit card 7 (yes 7 times!!!) for a one time purchase for a bike part for my husband. Paypal told me they had no record of that transaction so I volunteered to send them my statement showing the charge 7 times and they said they wouldn’t know if I had altered the statement or not so that would not be useful to them. So first they steal from me and then they call me a liar. Not a company I am doing business with anymore!

  2. Melly Lang on

    I don’t trust paypal as far as I can throw them. I had a friend that was asked to provide all her information to “verify” her account. She did so and they claimed multiple times they didn’t receive it. If they didn’t get it them where did it go? After that incident with my friend I closed my paypal account and found a wonderful alternative. I suggest you do the same

  3. Hayden on

    It sounds like you probably were the victim of a phishing attack. An attacker, not associated with PayPal, made a fake copy of PayPal’s website that looked like it was the real site. Then, when you called the support number on the fake PayPal site, you were actually calling the scammer, who of course tried to collect all your information.

    The lesson is that you have to be careful that you are always on the real PayPal site when you enter your information. Check that the URL is really “” (and not something sneaky like “” or “” that looks right at a quick glance. Also make sure that the green lock appears in the address bar with “PayPal, Inc.” next to it.

  4. Jason Yeson on

    Paypal wouldn’t link my bank until I released to them all my personal information. Photo copy of my driver’s license. Home address, birth certificate social security number, and much more. Very sick company I trust known criminals more than I do Paypal. If there’s an alternative I’m game.

    We have a legit bank, and we have lived in the US our whole lives, and never been in trouble with the law etc.

  5. Muneer on

    Don’t trust this stupid site, its really worst enemy, My credit card has been charged around 200AED