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The truth is the last thing PayPal cares about

I sold a pair of shoes off eBay using paypal only to move things along quicker.
The buyer agreed to my asking price and said they would pay right away.
They told me the money was sent but I seen no such action in my paypal account. I told them I couldn’t ship until I seen that they had paid. Then next day I got a message from them asking if it went through? Moments later I had received the payment. I tell them just now. Then then start demanding express shipping/over night ect even though I was paying for the shipping. I simply gave them a tracking # of the item. They had the shoes well over a week and a receive a message from them that I sold them fake shoes and demanded a refund! Before I even got a chance to talk to them they filed a claim on paypal that I sold them a fake product. Now I wish I would have checked their feedback before selling. They have a history of negative feedback as a buyer and seller.
I tell my side of the story to paypal. I have 100% feedback but I guess that doesn’t matter. Long story long, they refunded the seller.
I have a negative balance in my pp account of double the price of the refund because they are horrible at math! I think I’m done with paypal and ebay. I’m an honest person an they favored in a shady 1!

Posted: February 12, 2014 at 5:29 pm

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