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Unable To Close Account With Paypal

By Leah

Dear Team,

Your website saved my bacon big time from making transactions etc. I read with horror your warnings and immediately rang my bank to get a stop put on account from anything other than my card. They were very obliging, however not so paypal.

When I tried to close my account with them I kept getting a message telling me my account details were wrong!! Honestly I should know my account number etc. They provided me with the last two numbers of my account and asked me to provide them with the full numbers before they would close the account. So how do I close the account if all I get is the message?

All I did was e-mail them telling me I was now weary of doing business with them and to immediately close my account. I also informed them my bank had been notified to.

This leads me to believe once you have registered with them you are stuck and stuffed!!

BEWARE ALL!!! And team keep up the good work. You are internet angels!!


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:24 am

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