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Unable to make a purchase with my own credit card

Have been trying politely for three weeks to make a simple $26 purchase online at a photography website. The only payment options available were 1) use my credit card with the possibility of signing up for PayPal later, or 2) use PayPal. I only wanted to use my credit card and make my purchase which would not process. After contacting the printing company and the companies third party online support company, the problem was rooted to Pay after spending time with the PayPal representative the problem came about because there are two users on my credit card account. The other user of the card account has a PayPal account therefore I either have to get this person to make the purchase for me even though I am the primary holder of the credit card. Long story short I am unable to use my own credit card to make a simple online purchase because of PayPal.

Posted: October 8, 2012 at 3:11 pm

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