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Unauthorized withdrawl from my wife’s bank account

I have repeatedly had my bank accounts bounce because I didn’t know PayPal’s policies regarding when they take out of my bank account. They were supposed to take out of my pending balance for any deficient amount. Well, since I didn’t have the full amount in my PayPal account, they took not just the few dollars that were missing, they took the whole amount and made my bank account bounce that way. All my money comes from PayPal these days. Instead of looking for their money in my PayPal account they go in my bank account. The next time they made it bounce was because instead of charging for shipping from my buyer’s funds the way they’ve done in the past. They took it from my bank account. In another occasion, even though I had the cleared funds to cover from my shipping, they took it from my bank account. I set up my wife’s bank account via a bank card to pay for a deficiency balance due to my lack of understanding of how it works and quickly removed the card from my PayPal account, and instead of taking the money for my Ebay fees from the account I set up as my primary back up, they took from my wife’s account a full month after I had removed it. On one occasion after they made my account bounce, I told them the money they were trying to charge from my bank account was available free and clear from my PayPal. They said they couldn’t do that. They would have to charge my bank account again (It was over $300 overdrawn at this point) and then they would charge my PayPal account. Well they charged my bank account again alright, but then instead of charging my PayPal account which had the money free and clear, they once again charged my wife’s bank account. They will charge whatever account they deem safest. They are crooks. I removed my wife’s account ages ago and they keep charging it. They don’t take from my PayPal balance even when it has cleared. They won’t take from my primary source even though I was careful to make sure it had funds. They always give a different reason. When you pay for shipping, you have the option of having the money taken from your buyer’s payment once it clears, but then if their security system is triggered for whatever reason they will take from your bank account or whatever source present or past they deem is to their convenience. They also have another policy: That they will take payment immediately from shipping, but they’ll take it from your buyer’s payment in advance. There is no rhyme nor reason to their policy. Sometimes they will take from my buyer’s pending payment up front, other times they will take from the buyer’s payment when it clears my account, or even if you specified they charge you later when your buyer’s payment clears, they will take from your bank account. It can be the one you have set up as the primary bank account or an old account.

Posted: September 5, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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One thought on “Unauthorized withdrawl from my wife’s bank account
  1. thomas on

    This is why it is so scary to give paypal your banking information; they keep it and never delete it. The only way to truly know they wont access your bank account is to close it out completely. “removing” it from your paypal account does nothing