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Unethical PayPal Ways

By Carlos

I posted this to a forum tonight and wanted to share it with you as a wall of shame entry. My wife and I have used paypal for many years now and we have several horro stories to tell.

They not only are unreliable at times but dishonest and unethical in their practices. THey are reported to the FTC on a regular basis and have fraud suits and complaints against them. Unfortunately, their vast amount of wealth has bought them out of most of it and the extreme inept government staff that we employ in this country hasn’t helped at all. At the moment they are holding over $350 of our funds for absolutely no reason at all. We have filed complaint after complaint and asked for our funds and we get nothing but form emails sent to us. We have called every number they have but get the same idiotic answers are told the dept. that reviews these problems isn’t available by telephone and will email us once they review our account.

Then we get another form email asking us to fill out a survey (that we have already done) and it won’t let us do it again. They know and admit the money is being frozen for no reason but won’t release it. Then we read in the fine print that Paypal can hold any funds for an indefinite period of time that is in your account because it is actually their money not yours. I thought others were just a little overboard or did something to cause the problems I have heard about with Paypal but I was wrong. BEWARE of Paypal, find another alternative. If they get a hold of your funds and access to your checking account they can do anything they want with your money and are not held accountable by any government organization or authority.

Membership numbers for paypal as an endorsment of their services. The numbers they have and enjoy is indicative of the lack of other sources and the fact that ebay owns Paypal and the money and power this buys them is used to leverage the market unfairly in their favor over others. Ebay and Paypal is becoming similar to the PC manufacturers and Microsoft. Although Microsoft is a good product their are better operating systems that have never had a chance or offered to the consumer for use. Do yourself a favor don’t use paypal at all and let’s all support the alternatives or the little guys that deserve a chance too and topple this monster that has been created in Paypal.

Sorry to be long winded but when someone steals your money like they are ours it is frustrating beyone words.

God bless all!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:39 am

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One thought on “Unethical PayPal Ways
  1. Maggie on

    Ebay has made it easy for buyers to steal seller merchandie.