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Unfair Ebay Trading

By Peter

Just an Idea, there are thousands of people that have been cheated by Ebay and Paypal, most people think that it would not be worth taking paypal/ebay to court as it is a relativley small amount (although it may not feel that way to you!), after all how would one person stand a chance against thier lawyers etc.

Well he is the idea, why not make a single charge of unfair trading against ebay, contact all the people who have had problems on this site and other sites and use each one of their stories as evidence, thus bringing to court an almost endless and daming case against them. They as a company are much bigger than a single claimant and will probably be able to crush them, but thousands of claimants all together against ebay will really scare them. Even if they didn’t win the case it would gather a huge amount of publicity and really hurt them!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:40 pm

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