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Unsatisfactory Efforts

By Terry Macmanus

I want to tell you of my last unsatisfactory transaction with PayPal. I sold goods on EBay – I have a spotless and long standing record with them. I allowed payment through PayPal – I was paid, confirmed by PayPal. I shipped the goods to an international destination and all was well. About a week later PayPal “reversed” the payment and said they were investigating it. All my queries were answered by an auto reply and bore no resemblance to the questions I asked.

They have now advised me that they have paid back the money to the person who paid me. I dont have the goods, I dont have the money and I cannot get any reply from PayPal and absolutely no reason is given for their thievery. Any request to EBay for help – as their owners, is bounced back to me.The person who paid me is not answering my emails and as far as I know there is no dispute as to the goods they received. In fact that could not be a reason anyway because PayPal reversed the payment before he client could possibly have received the goods.

Can anyone offer me advice as to what I can do please.


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:56 am

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