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Unsubstainiated chargebacks

have been selling on e-bay for some time, had a lot that had silver and other coins in it, all the descriptions were there , even on the one piece that said we thought was fake, the lot sold for $1600 and we shipped with tracking and signature confirmation, the buyer received the lot and realized we were correct on the on coin being fake, we have a no return policy for items such as that and when he contacted us about the one coin fake, we offered to refund some money back , even though we were not required to, he filed a claim with ebay and the determined that we accurately listed everything and denied his claim based on buyers remorse.. we quit selling and closed the account and thought everything was good, but 5 months later i have found out that he contacted paypal (i guess) and tied to send the items back, (we were told by ebay not to accept if he did) now Paypal has overrode ebays decision and refunded his money back , they never to my knowledge tried to contact me by phone or mail about this and now want the money back that the guy scammed from them. this is wrong,, am contacting my state attorney general about this and hopefully it will get resolved. I DID EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO PAYPAL AND EBAY RULES> so why am i at fault???

Posted: December 20, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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One thought on “Unsubstainiated chargebacks
  1. josh on

    paypal will not fight a chargeback on your behalf so providing them with the information is nothing but a waste of time. You will have to fight your own chargeback or ask your bank for assistance. But don’t count on paypal for any help. Is your paypal account still open or did you close that at the same time as your ebay account?