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Urged For More Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I sold a portable playstation via ebay. The buyer won the auction on it and neatly payed the item via PayPal. I sent the item and everything seemed to be fine. Untill a certein day, I received a message from PayPal that a chargeback has been filed. Never heard that word before, and never will I forget it now. Buyer claims that the item never arrived and PayPal redrew the amount disputed. Having just withdrawn most of the money earlier, this meant that  the balance was negative now.

PayPal urging me to add money, me however still believing that everything will be alright. After all, I did send the item and I did send PayPal the evidence (receit of buying the item and a document indicating that I have sent it to the buyer’s address. Buyer never contacted me about things not arriving and I contacted the buyer many times to no avail. However, PayPal lost the chargeback case against the buyer’s credit card company which meant that I have to pay for the item myself: no item, and losing money (plus the ridiculous $10,00PayPal charges you for handling the Chargeback case).

PayPal cam virtually charge you with anything at anytime. So now PayPal is threathening me with a lawsuit and probably will send over a collector for the money, although the case is still under investigation. Currently, I have the post offices certify whether the item really arrived and I might start a lawsuit against the buyer for fraud or post company for theft. I appreciate any help form people in the same situation.

Thank you.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:58 am

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