This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal allows buyers to return item after 4 months

Worse service ever. In the last 2 months Paypal has forced me to return items because buyers have suddenly developed a case of buyers remorse. This last time the item is being returned after 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! The item … Continue reading

Never got what I paid for, PayPal said they can’t help me.

Paypal states that you are protected it’s a understatement I purchased a seal for a auto restoration from a company from Canada $268.00. The post office lost the package. I tried to contact the seller but haven’t received any satisfaction. … Continue reading

Limited by Paypal because “account raised suspicion”

PayPal sucks, I feel for all of you out there, all of you whom PayPal completely and utterly screwed over. My story starts about a year back. I sell, well sold sneakers and clothing with my PayPal account. I am … Continue reading

Double charged for seller’s fees.

In October of this year I sold two items on Ebay for $355.00 net, with shipping a total of $383.91. I paid for the shipping at my post office. October 23, Paypal issued me a check for $315.72. November 16, … Continue reading

Cancelled the PayPal transaction turned in to nightmare

I sent $ 1000.00 to a friend through pay pal and then I cancelled the transaction the same day since my friend did not need it.I was told by pay pal that the money was never taken out of my … Continue reading

PayPal was no help when I didn’t receive my item

I bought some perfumes from a guy in Italy via ebay in May last year which he sent via EMS. Months and months passed and I received nothing. I checked the EMS tracking website and it said that they had … Continue reading

PayPal’s seller protection advice is to file a Police report

I’ve recently sold a valuable 24 year old comic book to a fraudulent buyer via my web site. The comic was in near mint+ condition yet this buyer upon receipt of the item informed me that one staple was detached … Continue reading

Denied Seller Protection over and over

I can’t count the number of times I have been denied Seller Protection despite following the exact letter of the PayPal law for it. The latest incident is typical -PayPal decides they will not cover a game subscription card after … Continue reading

Payment methods are dictated by PayPal

For two years I tried to delete a credit card that had been terminated, Paypal continually blocked it by saying there were outstanding charges, which was not true. Then I sold an item on eBay and they said I had … Continue reading

PayPal is delaying release of refund

On 10th April 2015 I ordered an item from a private seller on eBay. The cost was £52.50 including postage. The seller informed me the same day that as she no longer had the item she had refunded the money … Continue reading