This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Buyer unwilling to cooperate

I am in the middle of a fraudulent chargeback attempt. Buyer purchased a high dollar, vintage DJ mixer that was in working order prior to shipment, on an “installment” plan at buyer’s request due to AMEX transaction limitations. Arrangements made … Continue reading

Paypal said I was buying illegal items meanwhile they’re illegally holding my money

I saw a car on e-bay that I wanted to buy, I decided to send $500 deposit. After that I received a letter from PayPal saying that I was buying or selling illegal items so I decided to cancel the … Continue reading

Paypal demanded SS#, now account is frozen

The person who ran our business started paypal with their personal ss #. When she left, Paypal demanded a personal ss # to replace it. we are a non-profit corporation and no one was willing to tie their number to … Continue reading

Refund is cleared by bank but PayPal puts a hold on it

PayPal took nearly $1700 from my checking account to pay for an item on eBay. The seller backed out of the transaction and issued a refund 2 days after I sent payment. PayPal proceeds to put a hold on *my* … Continue reading

Suspended after 10 years of using PayPal

I sold one flashed PS3 after 100k+ in legit transactions spread out over over 10 years and was suspended for life. The system I sold while not a criminal offense went against a mod policy of things they don’t allow … Continue reading

Anything wrong with PayPal and they blame it on the “system”

Hi,I have had a few problems with paypal but the latest really is the last straw. I sold an item on eBay on the 29.10.2013, the buyer paid on the 29.10.2013 and the money went into my paypal account. I … Continue reading

What exactly is a “security issue” with Paypal?

I was using Paypal to process payment for freelance work that I do. I provide software consultation and online training for software and social media. I was using a company/business Paypal account and taking my payments. I also have signed … Continue reading

If you accept Paypal, take note

If you accept Paypal, take note We’ve had our fair share of hiccups with Paypal over the course of the 13 years we’ve used it But this latest fiasco was the last straw for us… Adios, Paypal Let me tell … Continue reading

PayPal Problems as a Customer: Many

PayPal: 1. Literally sat and read a copy of a 2001 lease application I made for an apartment that is currently posted at a Lexus/Nexus credit internet site-obviously without my knowledge or consent. (Not the cars- a ‘third party credit … Continue reading

Returned product was broken but paypal still rewarded buyer

Sold a hi-fi amp the buyer said it didn’t work paypal took my balance and gave him his money back the amp was returned with the top cover stoved in but it was working perfectly I asked for the “buyers” … Continue reading