This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Buyer Protection crap!!!

On bricklink (a store where individuals sell and buy legos), I ordered a lego set from a seller. The seller make a mistake on the shipping process and the item got mailed back to him. The seller emailed me stating … Continue reading

Very hard to communicate with paypal/ebay

Years ago, (2 to 4), my late brother-in-law (B.I.L) had a heart attack and we were at his house- in Borr.rego Spring, CA . Received a water filter that was damaged before being placed into the Shipping Box. Disputed with … Continue reading

Total Incompetence at Paypal

To whom it may concern at Pay-Pal: I dare you to send this to the founders of your company!!!!! (Cause you are spine-less, cowards) I have spent twelve years of my life and all my money dedicated to teaching and … Continue reading

Money was borrowed without permission by PayPal

I have credit card and checking account on my PayPal account and my credit card marked as “Use this card as your preferred payment method for purchases”. Then I needed to pay for my new motorcycle via PayPal and I … Continue reading

Begin a limitation review from Paypal

I originally had a problem with a Website the Seller then offered me a way to pay via PayPal and I did($179.99 and the seller sent me a item that was in pieces compared to the picture the item was … Continue reading

PayPal is Holding my money

After 18 months of selling on eBay, suddenly payPal holds the payments of my sales without any explanation. I have perfect selling record (100% positive feedback, seller rating 4.9, no complains whatsoever, no issues with the accounts, in short – … Continue reading

Hassle free yeah right? Nothing but a hassle with Paypal

I am SO upset with Paypal! A few months ago, my account stopped taking payments from Ebay buyers all of a sudden. Apparently there was a problem with my account because I have the word “Cuba” in my street address … Continue reading

Paypal doesn’t protect their merchants

I would highly advise any merchant to not use PayPal. The only way we can take down PayPal is to refuse to use their services to accept payments. Yes I know PayPal is convenient, but that convenience comes at a … Continue reading

Paypal’s promises are nothing but false advertising

My problem is with Pay Pal. I have clean record with ebay but paypal has there head up their capital A. I have proved my ID 20 times over and my bank account which was approved, but they won’t let … Continue reading

PayPal needs to Restore $ 200 USD to my account!

Hi PAYPAL, 2 months I am very disappointed and outraged by the actions of employees PAYPAL, that my letters back and do not get adequate response Paypal need to reimbursed $ 200 USD, which at 28/5/2013 PAYPAL download from my … Continue reading