This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Numerous Unresolved problems!

I have posted this latest complaint I sent to paypal up and down their Facebook page since I emailed them and started the formal complaints process. They have deleted my post and my problem is still COMPLETELY UNRESOLVED !! On … Continue reading

Recent horrendous experiences with PayPal

Sent 700 EUR to a friend living in Bucharest, Romania for plane tickets for her and a sister to visit her brothers in Italy on her birthday. Found out shortly after that her mother and other sister would be able … Continue reading

Ebay complaint through resolution centre

I am sure this has been said before, but am now in a bit of a battle with customer services. I will not bore everyone with the specifics (there are many pages of those), however I sold a phone for … Continue reading

Can paypal be ripped off?

I’ve been using ebay / paypal for years for business and I’m savvy enough to attach my paypal account to a second account that I only transfer funds to when I’ve bought something on ebay. Recently I closed all my … Continue reading

Anyone new to paypal, think twice before you trust them!

The first time I was annoyed was when I was excited about my new purchase and logging on paypal, I realized there’s no way I could log on unless I add a new credit card account in paypal, while I’ve … Continue reading

Paypal and our goverment

paypal is a sign of the time. use your head a monopoly and is out of control. just like our government it is out of control. here today to write this and most likely in a concentration camp in the … Continue reading

“No Returns Accepted” but Paypal gave Buyer refund

Sold item to an Australian buyer who contested that item does not work properly. Did not want to work with me to correct user caused missus. Instead he left me negative feedback and filed claim with Paypal who immediately withheld … Continue reading

Will my account get frozen when I try to withdraw funds?

Hi there, I have 10,000 Euros in my PayPal account. It is a business Non-US verified account. Is it safe for me to withdraw all of it in a single transaction? My brother also has a business Non-US Verified PayPal … Continue reading

Used Paypal guest check-out and it was downhill from there

I made a purchase online for a Digital single-lens reflex camera, the company seemed fine. I do NOT have a paypal account, and have always paid with the option of, ‘dont have a paypal account, then pay with a credit … Continue reading

I am so over Paypal

I dont know where to start. I’ve been forced to use Paypal for years now for lack of other payment options, especially involving ebay sales. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have had an issue. I have about 10 accounts now on … Continue reading