This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal does not consider the shipping time of internationally shipped items

After selling a $420 dress on eBay to a UK buyer, she filed a claim (went straight to claim) 7 working days after the item is sent. There is no way a 2-4 week delivery time can be fulfilled in … Continue reading

Paypal reversed payment from a good buyer

A very good eBay buyer from Mongolia sent a $154.50 payment for a Turkish coin made in Turkey and in his payment through PayPal he mentioned that he liked a coin from Shiraz of the Ilkhanid dynasty that he bought … Continue reading

I would advise anyone to avoid PayPal

Paypal suspended my account 6 months ago. They wanted all my personal info to prove I’m not helping terrorists overseas. Actually my information is easily obtained as I am a self employed health worker and worked in my profession for … Continue reading

Truly disgusting customer service department over at Paypal

As a web developer I have set up a booking system that allows hotels to accept there own booking rather than pay a commission to a booking agency. I used paypal to receive payments and stupidly without realizing attached paypal … Continue reading

Payment holds and accused of using stolen card

paypal are the biggest fraudulent company i have ever come into contact with, why haven’t they been shut down for this practice any one else would be thrown in jail, i set up a paypal account and added my new … Continue reading

Paypal implemented 90 day reserve for no reason

Hi, I have had a business account with them for over a year now. My business is an online subscription service for my own betting analysis software. I had a spike in payments from my normal monthly recurring fees, due … Continue reading

Paypal sent e-check instead of instant payment

Bought Ebay item – listing stated NO E-CHECKS No problem I never use E-checks. I sent PayPay Instant payment. Seller contacts me and says he wants to cancel the transaction because he doesn’t take E-Checks. I called PayPal and eventually … Continue reading

Still paying for false chargeback back in 2005

Back in 2005, I had used Pay Pal to complete a transaction for a client. I provided the services and the client days later called Paypal and requested his money back. Without question or notification Paypal refunded the money, leaving … Continue reading

Paypal is getting a dose of their own medicine

I have not long since submitted a 27 page report to the Financial Ombudsman Service here in Australia against PayPal. It is too lengthy to submit here. It included copies of all the emails PayPal sent me and all my … Continue reading

Account Limited forever!!!

The arseholes at Paypal are persecuting me for a mistake I made without realizing when I was no more then a child with my first account. I’m an honest seller and PayPal user, I’ve never cheated anyone and never would. … Continue reading