This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal keeps limiting my account

I have had at least 6 different paypal accounts since 2005. They put limited access on every single one of them. The last one was in my boyfriends name. I was barely making $500 a month in sales and had … Continue reading

Paid with Paypal because I thought it was safer. I WAS WRONG!

Hi, I used PayPal to pay a transport company quite a lot of money to move some stock for me. The transport company asked for payment in full in advance – which I did thinking that if anything went wrong … Continue reading

Paypal’s website is VERY misleading

I sold 4 pairs of tickets on StubHub and was to receive payment of $472 through PayPal. I only signed up for PayPal because that was the only way I would be paid . On their website it clearly says … Continue reading

Robbed and disrespected by Paypal

I am a member since 2002 and I have never had any complaint neither buying or selling and Ebay and PayPal made a lot of money over me those years.I have listed a shirt for sale,I sold 3 same shirts … Continue reading

Paypal’s verification requests are absurd

PayPal has put a limitation on my account and is asking for ID verification after several years of having the account in good standing. Per their request, I sent my photo id, a copy of a bill showing my current … Continue reading

Why does PayPal have to “verify my identity” now all of a sudden?

To anyone at Paypal who will read this: I had a paypal account and had it set up to use my discover card, I was recently informed that I have to give you my PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION, in order … Continue reading


I had my account for over 7 years No Problems..I started selling Phones and was selling around $5,000 a week and then went up..Average Profit around 10% Then Paypal Blocks my account I had to send them Bank statments along … Continue reading

Buyers have all the power and can screw sellers at any given moment

My husband sold some RYO machines on eBay in an effort to make some extra money for our family during a particularly difficult time for us financially. One of the buyers, who was particularly pushy insofar as the timing of … Continue reading

Won dispute and then lost the same dispute

After winning a dispute I lodged against a seller (I bought a watch that turned out to be faulty) I was asked to return the item to the seller and provide tracking number to paypal. I sent the watch nack … Continue reading

Holding my funding with unreasonable time frame

I been buying from eBay for months and decided to sell an item which an ebay buyer bought for $300. I checked my Paypal account and the money was transferred to my paypal account but it stated that it will … Continue reading